May 28, 2007

More on Stroke Rehab

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I meant to say that I have saved most of the articles I used for my assignment on my del.ici.ous or citeulike site. Help yourselves!!!


Post grad exhaustion

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I have just spent the weekend writing an assignment about setting up a community stroke service. I managed to find lots of evidence about how an effective community stroke service can reduce bed days by 13 days – go us!! Also reduce carer stress and burden and increase functional outcomes for patients ( Obviously the best reason!) It was a gruelling assignment but I feel positive about rehabilitation at the end of it-  great to find lots of concrete evidence to back up all the hard work as well.

Post grad study is pretty tough on top of full time work though, I’m not sure how people manage it with kids!! Would love to have my weekend back again now!

May 20, 2007


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i have procrastinated so much about the previously mentioned assignment that this afternoon I even baked a batch of pear muffins ! (i never bake!!)

Can anyone help?

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I am currently writing an assignment for a post grad paper. For this I have to write a business plan for some sort of service. I have decided to write the plan for a mobile stroke service within Dunedin. I have worked in a similar team in the UK so have some understanding of what I’m proposing, but I need to find evidence to back this up. The literature I really need is anything that supports early discharge after stroke, and improved functional otcomes following rehab in a persons own home. If anyone could help i’ll be forever grateful!! Thanks…

May 7, 2007

PTA article

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Here is the reference for the article on PTA i was referring to a couple of weeks ago.

A multicentre, randomised trial examining the effect of test procedures measuring emergence from posttraumatic amnesia. 2006. R L Tate, A Pfaff, I J Baguley, J E Marosszeky, J A Gurka, A E Hodgkinson, C King,A T Lane-Brown, J Hanna. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 2006;77:841–849.

Sorry about the crazy font!! the GOAT is the Galveston Orientationand Amnesia Test.

April 30, 2007

Learning more and more…

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Well we are up to week 4 of our research of web 2.0. Its amazing how much we’ve all learned as a group already! my site is up and running and actually quite fun! I found it really useful in the weekend compiling all of my readings for an assignment on, also a fun way to procrastinate rather than actually writing anything!!!

April 21, 2007

More thoughts on PTA..

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Its been a week of talking and thinking about the PTA. Have been able to find very little recent research on this topic, particuarly in relation to Occupational Therapy, in fact my post grad lecturer suggested I take this on as a masters project as he reports he has found very little on this topic in the past as well! We’ll see! A colleague found a recent paper from Australia comparing the Westmead and the GOAT, and this paper suggested if a person is in PTA for over 4 weeks then they should be assessed as out of PTA on the first 12/12, ie they never have to learn new cards… . I’ll try to find the reference to post here. I feel concerned at this idea as from my experience of the PTA sometimes a person can remain in PTA for a considerable length of time after there first 12/12 as they are unable to learn the new picture cards… need to look at the article in more depth as discuss further with my peers- any thoughts??

April 16, 2007

Post Traumatic Amnesia

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Currently I am searching everywhere for evidence on Post traumatic amnesia and best pracice procedures for occupational Therapists… will let you know how i get on- not a lot out there at the moment scarily enough.

April 14, 2007

Early blogging experiences

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Ok lets try this again. I’ve been merrily typing a message for my blog and realise I’ve managed to save it as a comment rather than publishing it as the author of the site. I definately feel very green behind the ears at all of this! I’m looking forward to feeling even a smidgen of confidence with the workings of my blog. Still, if I can master this I might give hope to others out there…

April 2, 2007

my first ever post

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hello world!

this is an experiment to see if i really can blog! I am part of a research group (as a guinea pig) trying to raise the profile of Occupational Therapy in the big web world.